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Hottest Styles in Promotional Apparel | Summer 2017

Hottest Styles in Promotional Apparel | Summer 2017

01 Jul 2017
Promotional apparel has been used to get brand recognition for decades, but all too often the apparel is tacky and doesn’t get worn for anything more than cleaning the house. Whether it’s too big, too generic, or just plain unfashionable, promotional apparel sometimes gets a bad rap. The key to making your brand stand out is to have legitimate style behind it. From tank tops to t-shirts (that actually fit) to jackets and hoodies, you can easily get noticed with some of this summer’s hottest styles. The following are a few of the top choices in promotional apparel this season.

Who doesn’t love the comfort of gym clothes without actually breaking a sweat? From yoga pants and chic hoodies to casual tanks and tees, athleisure is one of the fastest growing trends in promotional fashion that takes workout apparel into the everyday life.  With a more elevated style than traditional gym clothes, athleisure is perfect for generally active people who want to be comfortable yet stylish. Creating branded athleisure promotional apparel means giving people something they will want to wear when they are on the go.

Bright & Bold
From dayglow yellow to magenta, super bright promotional apparel is what all the cool kids are wearing. Deeply saturated hues are seen in every type of promotional apparel from t-shirts to socks. People love to wear brighter colors to positively influence their mood. Give them what they want by branding colorful and bright apparel to truly make your company stand out!

Street Chic
This style of promotional apparel is often referred to as “utilitarianism,” meaning tons of functional pockets and bonus features such as places to keep smartphones and other tech devices. The Street Chic trend is strong among people of all ages, particularly those who live active lifestyles and those on-the-go in urban areas.  Create branded street chic promotional apparel and there’s no doubt the recipients will want to wear it every day.

Outdoor-Inspired Apparel
Going along with the concept of higher-quality apparel being in style outdoor-inspired apparel is definitely something that people will want to wear outside of the office. Lightweight jackets, camouflage and all-weather gear are all extremely popular in promotional apparel this summer.  Even umbrellas and fanny packs (yes, they are back!) are trendy items this season. The goal is to have the recipients wear the branded clothing based on their lifestyle. Incorporating your company’s branded items into their everyday wardrobe is easier than ever when the products look good. And, one of the best things about promotional outdoor gear is you can be certain that your logo won’t get covered up!

Denim fashions have been around for generations and promotional apparel with denim material is no different. The lightweight material is great for shirts and jackets and looks good on almost every person and with every style. The classic, comfortable, casual appeal of denim is perfect for promotional apparel because it completes an everyday look.

The “Dad” Hat
Hats have always been a popular promotional item because they are easy and contemporary. But this summer the trend goes beyond the basic hat to the retro-inspired “dad” hat previously associated with uncool parents everywhere. When branding on this promotional apparel, go for a two-tone color scheme to give off a retro vibe.

Ringer Tees
Keeping with the idea that what’s old is new again, ringer tees are also making a huge comeback. Once just reserved for sports, these baseball-style shirts are popping up at tradeshows everywhere as brands stylishly promote themselves.

While these styles are popular this summer, many of them are trends that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Give your brand an extra boost by going for a mix of apparel and other promotional products so you have a good combination in your marketing wheelhouse. Try bringing higher value items like promotional apparel to attract prospects to your tradeshow booth.

Most importantly, remember that in today’s busy world, when it comes to fashion in promotional apparel the trend is clear – simple, yet functional.  As with any promotional product, it’s no good if the recipient doesn’t actually use it.  So while you may need to increase your marketing budget for the hottest trends in promotional apparel, you can rest assured that the recipients will frequently wear the apparel, essentially creating walking billboards for your company!